UCraft mining toward Beta on Wii U this July


Nexis Games have shared an update on UCraft, revealing that the planned Wii U Beta will arrive this July.

It won’t be free to get involved however, but your early purchase will allow you to receive the full game at no extra cost upon release. Nexis Games also aim “to constantly update the game with new ideas,” listening to community feedback to help steer development.

“Things are really moving along nicely so nicely that I am shooting for a PC and possible Wii U Beta release in July of 2015,” the studio’s Isaiah White discussed with Nintendo Nuggets. “The price to participate in the UCraft Wii U Beta will be $19.99 and buying the beta will also get you the full game once it’s released.”

He continues, “UCraft is without a doubt one of the most amazing things to come out of Nexis to date and as time progresses it will get even better! Our goal is to constantly update the game with new ideas from our studio as well as add ideas and suggestions from the gaming community. UCraft is more than a game it is an experience! We look forward to sharing it with you all! Game On!”

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  1. Nintendo Nuggets IS isaiah whites “own” fake game news site. I remember some slanderous things being posted on their about another dev and they dug into and found he’s the owner of Nintendo nuggets. Hes a shady guy for sure.

  2. July??? It is August 29 and there is nothing like Ucraft Beta release. This is like third release which is “fake” and I doubt Ucraft game is real. From now, I don’t trust anything Nexis Games announces 🙁

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