Ubisoft recruiting for new “AAA title” for Wii U


Ubisoft have invited applicants for a series of vacancies to work on an upcoming AAA title, revealing that such a project may be headed to Wii U.

This was revealed following Emile Gauthier, Ubisoft Quebec’s communication and networking specialist, advertising the available roles through Twitter.

However, there isn’t any clarification as to whether the vacancies are all for the same project or whether listings for a “new AAA MMORPG” also hint at what the unannounced Wii U title is. With Dragon Quest X currently underway for the Wii U, such a genre appearing on the console wouldn’t be an entire impossibility.

Ubisoft Quebec were previously responsible for PSP, Wii and Nintendo DS ports, yet have recently aided Ubisoft’s Montreal studio on the Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia series.

The company previously confirmed that they had five titles currently in development for Nintendo’s latest home console.

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