Ubisoft: Rayman Origins for Wii “supposed to be a surprise for this year’s E3”


It would seem that online retailer Amazon have spoiled one of Ubisoft’s surprises for E3 this year, having listed last week that Rayman Origins was set to release on Wii.

Game Informer had stated within their recent issue that the forthcoming side-scrolling platform title was headed to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but the existence of the Wii version had seemingly remained a secret.

In a short statement to Dutch website N1ntendo, an Ubisoft representative commented “Rayman Origins will also be released as a retail-game for Wii, eventhough this is/was supposed to be a surprise for this year’s E3.”

Whilst the announcement may have now been pre-empted, it’s still great to see that Ubisoft are bringing Rayman Origins to Wii. We look forward to hopefully seeing more of the game in action at this year’s E3 event.

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