Twin-Stick Puzzler World-Splitter Now Available On Nintendo Switch

World-Splitter Logo

Bumble3ee Interactive and NeoBird have announced that their twin-stick puzzle platformer World-Splitter is out now on Nintendo Switch.

You will be challenged to manipulate two parallel rifts as you simultaneously work your way through visible parts in each animated stage.

With critters to be rescued, you must gather them up before heading to the exit while evading enemies and using levers, mechanical platforms, portals and gravity fields to your advantage.

Those looking to up the ante can use settings related to restricted win conditions, a medal system and more, while speedrunners can make an attempt to tackle time-based challenges.

“World-Splitter fuses intelligent enigma with approachable, imaginative design that anyone can enjoy,” explains NeoBird CEO Martin Schiele. “We hope puzzle fans spend hours shifting rifts to find perfect solutions, that co-op players share a laugh while putting their heads together, and that speedrunners experience the thrill of completing a stage one millisecond faster than their closest rival.”

World-Splitter is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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