Turn-Based Tactical RPG The Last Spell Coming To Nintendo Switch

The Last Spell Key Art

CCCP has revealed that The Last Spell will release on Nintendo Switch, a turn-based tactical RPG that’s immersed in roguelite mechanics.

After war had provoked The Cataclysm, a mysterious purple mist filled with hellish monsters has enveloped most of the world.

Those that entered the mist were said to be killed, driven mad, or turned into monstrous abominations, leaving only a few havens to fight back against the bloodthirsty monsters that emerge from it at night.

In what the developer compares to Final Fantasy Tactics and Dynasty Warriors having “an illegitimate daughter,” you must lead a team of hardened warriors whose only purpose is to desperately defend the last of the mages while they attempt to case The Last Spell.

You must defeat the monstrous horde that tries to stop them, and, if successful, the mages will banish all magic from the world in the hopes that it can be saved

The Last Spell will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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