Toys-To-Life Sales Have Declined 12 Percent This Year In UK


LEGO Dimensions, Skylanders SuperChargers, and Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition have collectively sold more than 620,000 copies in the United Kingdom alone, which has marked the most successful eight months in the country for the toys-to-life category.

But, despite 2015 having generated £129 million from such games and their accompanying figures, this year hasn’t fared as well so far. Compared to last year, the toys-to-life market is down 12.1 percent in revenue for the first four months.

That news will be seen as a disappointment by the companies and their respective efforts, whether that be in Activision’s Skylanders, Nintendo’s cross-game compatible amiibo, or LEGO Dimensions from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It was only this month that we learned that Disney are to exit the console publishing, cancelling their plans for Disney Infinity in the process.

Such a decline in revenue is attributed to retailers applying some heavy discounting on products, but releases have also slowed aside from the regular Fun, Team and Level Pack waves for LEGO Dimensions.

[Thanks MCV]
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