Toys R Us Line Up Exclusive Eevee Evolution Plush


Toys R Us stores across the United States will celebrate the Pokémon TCG: Sun and Moon – Guardians Rising expansion’s release this weekend.

Those that head to their local store between 1-3pm on Saturday 13th May can pick up some free Pokémon TCG products as part of a giveaway including a special Alolan Vulpiz foil card, a Sun and Moon – Guardian’s Rising Collector’s Album and a Pokémon colouring sheet. The first 50 people that turn up will also receive a free Eevee figure.

The Pokémon Company has also announced that Toys R Us will sell an exclusive plush for one of Eevee’s Evolutions each month, with this schedule:

May: Vaporeon
June: Flareon
July: Jolteon
August: Umbreon
September: Leafeon
October: Sylveon
November: Espeon
December: Glaceon

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