Tower of Dreams Coming To Nintendo Switch

Tower of Dreams Logo

Sour Lemon Studios has announced that its retro platformer roguelike adventure Tower of Dreams is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Playing as the Dream Knight, you must overcome the enemies that look to prevent you from ascending a mystical tower. Bouncing off your foes will help you reach new heights and uncover the secrets that lie within the tower, rewarding you with in-game cosmetics and armour sets to customise your experience.

There are 36 items that can temporarily boost your abilities alongside permanent upgrades that can strengthen your combat skills – something that will help you conquer the four floors of the mystical tower and topple the new enemies that guard your path forward.

The developer has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Genre-Bending Gameplay: Experience the nostalgia of a retro vertical platformer combined with challenging roguelike combat.
  • King of the Hill: Ascend Tower of Dream’s four floors, each with a unique set of obstacles and challenges.
  • Knight-in-Training: 36 unique items are available throughout the game, strengthening your knight’s skills as you face off against more difficult enemies.
  • Partner in Crime: Progress through the game to unlock additional armor sets and cosmetics to customize your run!

Tower of Dreams will be released digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later this year.”

Tower of Dreams Trailer

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