Tomodachi Life release confirmed for Europe and North America

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Insanity beckons, with Nintendo today confirming that Tomodachi Life will see release across Europe and North America.

The “Tomodachi” franchise (that’s the word “friend” in Japanese) has already sold in excess of 5.5 million copies in Japan, and they’re hoping for similar success in the west through the game’s zany humour.

Prepare to lead the life that you never led, in a fantasy world that is populated by Mii characters created by friends, family and celebrities, each granted their own voice and personality. With unpredictable behaviour based on the personality traits you select, players are sure to be surprised whenever they boot up the game. Nintendo’s examples include pop stars falling in love with your Mii lookalike, your mum jumping on stage to belt out heavy metal songs, or you could take to the catwalk in silly outfits. All of such moments sure to be shared through the Nintendo 3DS Image Share service.

It’s best to see it all in action, and thankfully a Tomodachi Life Direct presentation has been shared today that will give you a better understanding of just how crazy this game will be. You can catch that below!

Tomodachi Life will see release across Europe and North America on June 6th.

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