THQ: Wii U “demands creativity and thought”

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THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell has stated that THQ “love” Wii U “as a platform,” and that it “demands creativity and thought” in creating an effective user interface for games in development for it.

Such comments were made during an E3 analyst meeting that was held earlier this morning, in which Farrell commented that Nintendo’s new console wouldn’t cause an increase in development costs as THQ’s developers have already done necessary ground work on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

“One of the reasons we love that as a platform is we’ve already created technical engines to make those games work, we have all the HD art assets and now it’s [about] creating a user interface, which demands creativity and thought – it’s not the expensive part of the game development process,” Farrell stated.

“So in terms of developing for the Wii U, it’s a tremendous opportunity which we think has good leverage for our investment dollars. We don’t see development costs increasing for the foreseeable future.”

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