The World Ends With You: Final Remix Reaper Review Questions And Answers

The World Ends With You: Final Remix Reaper Review Screenshot

“Like a bolt from the blue, it’s time for the Reaper Review!” As you race against the clock to beat the Reapers’ Game before Neku is erased in The World Ends With You: Final Remix, your progress will be frequently blocked by Reapers that want to quiz you with questions about the surrounding area.

We’re working our way through the crowded chaos of Tokyo and, to help that those that may be stuck on working out the correct Reaper Review answers, we’ve started to list out everything to give you pointers to help below.

It’s worth noting that you needn’t worry about getting a question wrong, as you can simply take the Reaper Review on straight away afterwards. Once you’ve provided the three correct answers, the wall blocking your path will clear and the Reaper will reward you with some prizes.

“But! Though you may forget the Review – rest assured, it remembers you.”

Reaper Review Lesson 1 Answers (Chapter 1: Day 4)

1. Which of these shops are in the 104?
Edoga the shop

2. What’s on the sign outside Shibu Dept. Store?
High Heels

3. Which of these does the BidBanfrog use as an attack?

Reaper Review Lesson 2 Answers (Chapter 1: Day 7)

1. What’s the name of KuraKura’s saleslady?
Yuu Narumi

2. Which of these commands activates HappyBeam?
Slash Neku

3. Which brand makes the slogan bandannas?
Hip Snake

Reaper Review Lesson 3 Answers (Chapter 2: Day 3)

1. Cat Street’s purrfect place for coffee; WildKat. Which of the following will you find on the menu?

2. I left my heart in Shibuya’s phone booth of love! Surely you’ve heard of it? They say if you use it to call the person you like, that special someone will love you right back! Pretty handy, huh? So where is it?
Near Molco

3. Which of these is a German composer famous for the musical offering an Air on the G String?

Reaper Review Lesson 4 Answers (Chapter 2: Day 5)

1. What’s the name of Ramen Don’s plucky owner?
Ken Doi

2. What’s the secret menu item he only serves to friends?

3. How much will a bowl of shio ramen run you there?
580 yen

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