The Wonderful 101 download size weighs in at 10GB

With Nintendo pushing the digital purchase of The Wonderful 101 through a promotional offer that sees you saving 30 percent if you buy Pikmin 3 by September 21st, you may be wondering how much hard drive space you’ll need to spare for the two.

The Wonderful 101 in itself will set you back by a whopping 10232MB, although in order to download and install the game there’ll need to be at least 13GB spare on your console. That won’t necessarily a problem for Wii U Premium Pack owners, although those with the Basic Pack will need to invest in an external hard drive.

For comparison’s sake, New Super Luigi U sits at 720MB, Pikmin 3 carts 3867MB, and Game & Wario requires 4037MB, so we’re expecting that PlatinumGames latest most certainly packs a punch.

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