The Settlers: New Allies Out On Switch Next Month

The Settlers: New Allies Logo

Ubisoft has confirmed a release date for its build-up real-time strategy game The Settlers: New Allies on Nintendo Switch.

Ubisoft Düsseldorf has looked to deliver a “fresh take” on The Settlers series, which has been built from the ground up using the Snowdrop Engine and comes to consoles for the first time “with adapted controls as well as fully supported cross-play and shared progression across all available platforms.”

After settling in a new land, you will have the chance to build your community, meet new factions and choose to welcome them as allies or enemies in an effort to protect and defend your settlement.

The game will have three modes that the publisher has outlined as below:

  • A story-driven campaign will immerse the players in the world of The Settlers as the Elari, a people forced to flee their homeland, are looking for a new home. They will face many challenges on their journey as they settle on unknown territories and expand their community, from the raiding of ruthless bandits to the discovery of the people and culture of these lands.
  • A multiplayer mode will offer thrilling skirmish battles in Solo vs. AI, co-op vs. AI or PvP featuring up to eight players able to pick from three distinctive factions with unique advantages and units.
  • The Hardcore mode will give players an opportunity to test their adaptability and strategic skills as they face the AI in unique handcrafted challenges featuring a wide range of modifiers and conditions.

The Settlers: New Allies will release at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 23rd March 2023.

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  1. hello. Just wanted ti drop yiu a note to say please take my money. I’ve waited awhile now for The Settlers New Allies to drop on Nintendo Switch. in fact , I’ve put off other purchases for this game. I’m truly looking forward to its release. We are a month out from its first Daye to launch, is there any idea on time-frame now for Nintendo Switch? Thank you so much for any information…John

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