The Pokémon Company Share More On Detective Pikachu: Birth Of A New Duo


After the game’s surprise reveal, The Pokémon Company has shared more information about Detective Pikachu: Birth Of A New Duo.

That reveals more on the electric mouse’s character, who is described as a lover of coffee and has a weakness for pretty women. While he can talk like a human, Detective Pikachu is actually slow and cannot use any moves like a normal Pikachu.

You will play as his friend Tim, as you wander Rhyme City interviewing any citizen that has encountered crime and looking to uncover evidence. Tim will talk to other humans, while Pikachu will be left to interpret chatter from other Pokémon.

When you discover a place to investigate, players will use a magnifying glass as they search for evidence. Detective Pikachu may find items on his own or want to share his thoughts, which can be prompted by tapping him on the touch screen whenever a thought bubble appears over his head.

The game will also have QTE sequences, but it isn’t necessary to succeed in them. If failed, certain scenes will play out slightly differently.

Detective Pikachu: Birth Of A New Duo will launch in Japan on February 3rd, exclusively for on the Nintendo eShop Nintendo 3DS.

[Thanks Perfectly Nintendo]
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