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On the verge of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD casting anchor on European shores, Nintendo has seen fit to give players the chance to once again reminisce about where it all began.

Startlingly, it’s been 27 years since The Legend of Zelda first graced the screens of Famicom owners across Japan, but the experience remains just as refreshing to this day. Born in an era where the world wide web was a mere dream, players were left wondrously fumbling around Shigeru Miyamoto’s creation as they sought the eight shattered pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom.


With barely any narrative direction, those that played the original release all those years ago relied on magazines, friends and general word of mouth for guidance in unearthing the game’s secrets, though nowadays such barrier has been duly sliced by walkthroughs.

Still, The Legend of Zelda was groundbreaking at the time. Even leaving the game idle on the Start Menu sees Nintendo tease you with a list of the discoverable items that await, many of which you’ll be hard-pressed to find on your quest to vanquish Ganon.


From securing your initial sword at the start to your closing confrontation with the Prince of Darkness, this NES classic displays the puzzles, action and exploration origin that have remained such a constant concoction throughout the history of the series.

For those that have courageously conquered Link’s first quest, this will be a nostalgic trip at best. Whilst those new to the original can enjoy the benefits of Off-TV Play, Restore Points, and the support of fellow Wii U owners through Miiverse for anyone looking for a nudge in the right direction.


It is Nintendo’s very own Triforce that ensures this remains to be such a gem: Shigeru Miyamoto’s creative vision, Koji Kondo’s iconic themes, and that irrepressible spark of ingenuity so readily associated with the Kyoto-based outfit. And for that, we can continue to revel in it being available through the Virtual Console.

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