Text-Based Adventure A Dark Room Now Available On Nintendo Switch

A Dark Room Logo

CIRCLE Entertainment and Amir Rajan have revealed that A Dark Room is now available on Nintendo Switch.

The text-based adventure was removed from the Nintendo eShop earlier in the year after it was discovered that the game had a hidden ‘sandbox’ tool.

“A Dark Room was removed from the eShop earlier in 2019 due to the presence of an unapproved ‘sandbox’ tool,” the publisher explains.

“As highlighted upon the game’s removal on 26th April, both CIRCLE and Amir Rajan apologise for this issue, and are grateful that following an update to the software it has now been readmitted to Nintendo’s platform.”

The game promises to challenge your perceptions, actions, and imagination, presenting text and cues with limited visual flourishes.

The dark room that you start in has limited interactive options, but the experience soon evolves into a complex story with resource management.

Adapted especially for the portable home console, you can choose to play with physical controls or the touch screen, with the port having an enhanced user interface, new audio, additional commentaries, and local co-op play.

A Dark Room is now available on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at €6.99 ($6.99).

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