Test Your Reflexes In Skybolt Zack On Nintendo Switch

Skybolt Zack Logo

Green Man Gaming Publishing has teamed up with DEVS MUST DIE to release Skybolt Zack on Nintendo Switch, which becomes the publisher’s first ever console release.

This high-speed, reflex-testing platformer started out as a final year student project at ISART Digital Paris, and takes inspiration from classic platformers and Japanese rhythm games.

You must guide Zack as he destroys an army of robot enemies using rocket punch, air dash, and charge attacks – drawing a comparison with the speed and homing attack of Sonic the Hedgehog mixed with color-based patterns seen in rhythm games.

“Why hasn’t anyone made a game like this before? That was one of the first questions we asked ourselves when we set out to make Skybolt Zack,” explains DEVS MUST DIE lead game designer Ugo Rosini.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of arcade gaming and especially love rhythm games and platformers so I’d always wanted to add the satisfying feeling and peculiar flow of rhythm games to other genres.”

Green Man Gaming Publishing managing director David Clark adds: “It has long been an ambition for Green Man Gaming to expand our horizons and extend our reach beyond PC gaming. When we first saw Skybolt Zack it was almost immediately apparent that this was the game for us to make that jump!

“The work that DEVS MUST DIE has done with Skybolt Zack in a relatively short time have impressed us tremendously. They are incorporating options for players which we’re not seeing in products from much larger, long-standing studios and we can’t wait to show more to the community at various events across the summer”.

Skybolt Zack will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in Q3 2019.

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