Tennis World Tour: Legends Edition Throws In Digital Bonus Content

Tennis World Tour Roger Federer Screenshot

Bigben Interactive and Breakpoint have announced that they will release a Tennis World Tour: Legends Edition for Nintendo Switch.

The Tennis World Tour: Legends Edition (£64.99) will include digital bonus content that includes Andre Agassi and his 1995 outfit, John McEnroe and his 1990 outfit, Roger Federer’s Spring 2018 NIKE outfit, Roger Federer’s Wilson Pro Staff 97RF racket, the Wilson Pro Staff 97 racket, an exclusive coach (experience boost), Legend Badge to use online, and five Skill Cards.

With an experienced team that has worked on the Top Spin license behind it, Tennis World Tour promises to deliver a complete and faithful simulation of the sport – complete with a unique system for customising your strategy during a match to reflect the tactical, physical, and mental dimensions of tennis.

Tennis World Tour will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on May 22nd.

Tennis World Tour: Legends Edition

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