Tarsier Studios Behind Co-Op Puzzle Game The Stretchers On Nintendo Switch

The Stretchers Logo

Nintendo has shadow dropped The Stretchers on Nintendo Switch, a comedic co-op puzzle game from Little Nightmares developer Tarsier Studios that’s now available on the Nintendo eShop worldwide.

Whether playing solo to control both medics at the same time or teaming up with family and friends using one Joy-Con each, you play as a two-person medical team who must rescue troubled civilians – otherwise called Dizzies.

To rescue them, you must drive to each scene in an ambulance – breaking through walls, soaring through the sky, and facing other wild perils on the way.

Once you have arrived at the scene, you must find as many Dizzies as you can and, using your stretcher, return them safely to the ambulance.

That could require that you move furniture to block lasers or even use wrecking balls to destroy walls, and, once you’re done, you will need to hurtle across town to the De-Dizzler 3000 – a machine that will cure the Dizzies that you have rescued.

With the chance to customise your medic from the start of the game, you can complete Side Missions – such as sawing down trees to blowing up rocks with fireworks – to unlock more hats and outfits to wear.

There are also achievements to earn and bonus treasures to discover in each Rescue Mission, which will boost your mission score and help you to fill up your Sticker Book.

The Stretchers is now available exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide priced at £17.99.

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