Target promise Rosalina amiibo stock still being allocated amid shortage fears

rosalina luma super smash bros wiiu

With retailer exclusivity meaning that amiibo are seeing increased demand in North America, Target have moved to assure customers that they are still in process of updating their inventory information for the Rosalina amiibo.

The discount retailer has been responding to repeated requests to clarify their stock situation, after an online listing that went live on Friday quickly displayed that it was “out of stock online.”

“You’re right, there’s a lot of excitement around this action figure. Inventory info is still being updated – so the best bet right now is to keep checking,” one customer service representative wrote.

Another in the past six hours, in responding to another query, “Thanks for your interest in our exclusive Nintendo item! At this time, we are still updating inventory for this product. Please continue to check back for more details.”

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