Tame, Train And Ride Dinosaurs In PixARK On Nintendo Switch

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Snail Games has announced that PixARK will release on Nintendo Switch, an open-world voxel-based sandbox survival game.

It’s a new take on the world of the multi-million selling ARK: Survival Evolved, and will see a group of players wake up to find themselves stranded on a mysterious island.

To survive, they must hunt, harvest, craft items, grow crops, and build shelters to protect themselves from dinosaurs, natural hazards, and other players that may prove to be hostile.

And then, using skills and the natural resources around them, players must tame or kill vicious creatures and learn to travel between worlds to uncover the mysteries that surround them.

With eight biomes to explore such as deserts, jungles, and caves, procedurally generated worlds mean that no two worlds will ever be the same – keeping players occupied with a procedurally generated quest system, or leaving them to construct whatever they can imagine in Creative Mode.

“With PixARK, we’ve taken the action and excitement that older players know and love in ARK to a new direction in order to introduce that world to an entirely different audience,” shared Peter Kang, director of live operations and business development at Snail Games.

“PixARK is a fun, colourful game that introduces players of all ages to ARK while adding creative building modes and a clever pick-up-and-play experience.”

PixARK will release on Nintendo Switch worldwide in late 2018.

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