Tame And Train Monkeys In The Survivalists On Nintendo Switch

The Survivalists Monkeys Screenshot

Team17 has revealed The Mimic System in their upcoming crafting and survival sandbox game, The Survivalists.

This will help you to battle against the forces of nature on the procedurally-generated islands that you will become stranded on.

The Mimic System will let you befriend and tame local wild monkeys, before training them with bananas.

After showing the monkeys the actions that you want to replicate and providing them with the necessary tools, they can support you on your adventures – from building shelters and cutting down trees, to defending against orcling raids.

You will also be able to create “monkey chains,” seeing them work together to achieve a great goal such as creating an axe for another to chop down trees to gather wood that can be used by others to build bases.

The monkeys can be tamed and trained to become:

  • Warriors: Can be equipped with swords, axes, and spears, to support survivors as they defend against orcling raids!
  • Archers: See off orclings and keep wildlife at range with bow and arrow-armed monkeys
  • Craftsmen: Train primates to build weapons, and craft tools and building materials
  • Landscapers: Monkeys can be armed with tools to gather resources, chop down trees, mine rocks, and clear foliage

The Survivalists will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2020.

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