Take Care Of Your Flock In Clouds And Sheep 2 On Nintendo Switch

Clouds And Sheep 2 Screenshot

HandyGames has announced that Clouds and Sheep 2 will release on Nintendo Switch, a family game that will challenge you to take care of your own flock.

You must fulfil your woolly friends’ needs, planting grass, flowers, trees, and shearing their different-coloured wool to stock up on resources. With happy stars to collect, wood to harvest, and flower petals to pluck, you must use them all to provide your flock with food, accessories, toys, and more.

Take control of the clouds to make it rain so that your sheep never run out of fresh water to drink, and keeping them happy and content will see them bring tiny lambs into the world.

Trampolines, seesaws, and swings will keep them entertained as you watch how they interact with the objects that you give to them, and you can choose to customise their pasture with new scenery based on themes such as the Wild West or Pirates.

Clouds and Sheep 2 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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