Tactical Leaping Adventure Jump King Out On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Jump King Logo

UKIYO Publishing and Nexile have confirmed a release date for Jump King on Nintendo Switch.

This “tough as nails, tongue-in-cheek platforming game” will challenge players to ascend a colossal tower to rescue the mythical Smoking Hot Babe that awaits you at the top.

For each nerve-wracking leap, you must set yourself in the desired position, charge your jump, aim and then let gravity do its thing. Success will see you land on a ledge, whereas a misjudged leap will result in a long drop down.

“It’s great to finally be able to share Jump King with players on console,” explaines Nexile’s Felix Wahlström. “Building the entire game around just jumping was very amusing. I’m happy we stuck with the purity of our vision.

“We managed to distil the mechanic to one of its truest forms, creating an unforgettable challenge for players! Jump King has a modern structure and a mechanic taken for granted with a twist, all in a captivating and classic package. We think console gamers will both love and hate it, just like we do.”

UKIYO Publishing’s Paul Hann adds: “Jump King continues to offer the team at UKIYO Publishing some of the most hair-pulling, infuriatingly fun moments of our gaming lives. I’ve still not managed to reach the top of this devilish castle, but at least now I can try to do so from the comfort of my sofa.” 

Jump King will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 9th June 2020.

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