Tackle Blazes In Embr On Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Embr Logo

Curve Digital and Muse Games have confirmed that Embr will release for Nintendo Switch later this year.

This game is “part-satirical commentary on the world’s ever-expanding gig economy that increasingly dominates our lives and part-brilliantly silly multiplayer,” challenging players to either play solo or work together to tackle blazes.

Performing well will see your clients reward you with tips and secure 5-star ratings to earn cash, upgrade your tools and become the ultimate ‘have-a-go hero’ firefighter. You will also be able to make money on the side by working for Embr Eats, delivering takeout food on the fly.

“It’s safe to say this was never designed to be your typical firefighting simulator,” explains Muse Games team lead Howard Tsao. “Embr’s role is to focus a comedic eye on where the gig economy is headed – the ultimate end we’re all hurtling towards, where your everyday person on the street takes a crack at some of the most important, specialised, and crucial jobs for a bit of extra cash.

“The end result is just as hectic as it sounds and, within the relative safety of a game, an amazing amount of fun. We can’t wait to launch it fully on PC and, just as importantly, bring it to a brand new audience on console later this year.”

Embr will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2021.

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