Swipe Left Or Right To Rule Your Kingdom In Reigns: Kings And Queens On Nintendo Switch

Reigns: Kings And Queens Screenshot

Devolver Digital and Nerial have announced that Reigns: Kings and Queens will release on Nintendo Switch, in which you sit on the throne as a benevolent (or malevolent) medieval monarch of the modern age.

Listening to a seemingly never-ending gauntlet of requests from your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies, you will swipe left or right to impose your will on your kingdom.

You must maintain the balance between the influential factions of your kingdom, but be warned, as each decision that you make may have implications and unfortunate consequences in the future that could threaten your reign and family’s dynasty.

The Nintendo Switch version will have an exclusive local co-op multiplayer mode.

Reigns: Kings and Queens will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Spring 2018.

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