Survive Twin-Stick Bullet Hell In Aperion Cyberstorm On Nintendo Switch And Wii U Next Month


aPrioriDigital has announced that their plasma-spewing, bullet-hell twin-stick shooter Aperion Cyberstorm will release on Nintendo Switch and Wii U next month.

The co-op shooter will challenge as many as five players to pilot their ships in three modes: uncovering a galactic conspiracy in Campaign; surviving waves of enemies in Onslaught; and fighting for the crown in Versus.

With the chance to combine dynamic abilities and elemental affinities to brutal effect, these lend players the chance to tune the game to their liking.

“Prototyping for Aperion Cyberstorm began development in October 2013 as a cooperative space shooter made with the XNA framework and in mid-2014 we decided to move the game from XNA to Unity. This then gave us the ability to bring the game to Nintendo Wii U,” aPrioriDigital co-founder and designer Jonathan Price explains.

“During the lifetime of the project, we have revised the release date more times than we would like. The reason for doing so is that we understand that the game may not make back its development costs, which is a reality that a lot of studios face, but we wanted to make a game we could be proud of and that can be played years from now by a variety of people of different abilities.”

aPrioriDigital co-founder and artist Jack David adds: “At aPriori we find joy in making games and we are delighted to finally be able to bring Aperion Cyberstorm to market this year. The development process has really been a case of life imitating art – as a studio we’ve enjoyed the ride and we hope gamers will enjoy their virtual ride when they get their hands on the code in February!”

Aperion Cyberstorm will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on February 8th.

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