Survive A Neon-Lit Retro Dystopia In Black Future ’88 On Nintendo Switch

Black Future '88 Screenshot

Good Shepherd Entertainment and SuperScarySnakes have revealed that Black Future ’88 will release on Nintendo Switch as a console exclusive.

This 2D synth-punk roguelike action-shooter is set in a grim alternate history where it is always 1988. You are one of the last remaining survivors of nuclear cataclysm and must fight to survive a nightmarish neon-lit retro dystopia.

Whether alone or with a friend in two-player local co-op, you are challenged to climb a procedurally generated tower. With the game constantly evolving to try to kill you, homicidal robots, cutthroats, bosses and more will do their best to prevent your non-stop ascent.

Your ultimate goal is to exact revenge on the man who destroyed the world. However, you must kill your mark before your heart explodes – relying on buffs and curses to strategize your experience.

There are several characters to choose from, along with many weapons and powers to wield as you set out to reach the top of the world.

Black Future ‘88 will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2019.

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