Surreal Puzzler Lorelei And The Laser Eyes Coming To Nintendo Switch

Lorelei And The Laser Eyes Logo

Annapurna Interactive and Simogo have announced that Lorelei and the Laser Eyes will release on Nintendo Switch next year, news that was shared in today’s Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase.

This non-linear adventure invites you to set out on a journey into a nightmarish surreality, in which you must solve the enigma behind Lorelei and the Laser Eyes.

The publisher has set the scene for the game with the below description:

The stage is set. Imagine an old baroque manor, perhaps a hotel or a museum, somewhere in central Europe. A woman wanders in search of answers.

An international auteur. What does he want?
An aristocratic artist. Who killed her?
A vagabond illusionist. Who is he?

And you, the wandering woman. Why are you here?

Watch carefully, observe.
Numbers. Patterns. Puzzles.
Are they all part of a macabre game, a complot, a simple treasure hunt?

We invite you to take a journey into the nightmarish surreality, and answer these questions to solve the enigma of ”Lorelei and the Laser Eyes”.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2023.

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