Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition delivers second SpotPass notification, free Gift

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition has today delivered its second SpotPass notification, encouraging players to check out Figurine Mode and to entice them into using the StreetPass capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS handheld system.

Alongside this, the message also includes a unique unlock code for a Lvl. 7 Golden Blanka figurine, DmdkeRvbxc – NOTE: Passwords are case-sensitive.

The full message, titled “A Special Gift from Capcom”, is as follows:

Hello again from Capcom.

We hope you are enjoying your game. Have you explored all the content there is to see in SSFIV 3D Edition?

We are sure you have been battling it out in Arcade Mode, taking on friends and strangers in Versus Mode, and hopefully doing some diligent practice in Training Mode. However have you fully explored Figurine Mode?

With StreetPass you can build out your strongest and most favorite five figurines and battle others just by walking by.

To get you started we have a special present for you. Here is an exclusive unique figurine to add to your roster. Just enter the code on the Figurine Menu and get ready to take on the world: DmdkeRvbxc

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