Super Mario Odyssey Guide: All Hint Art Puzzle Solutions


There are 880 Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey and, among some of the toughest to collect, are several that can only be discovered after solving Hint Art puzzles.

These picture frames are placed in most of the kingdoms that the moustachioed hero visits, with the player encouraged to take a screenshot of them with the Capture Button – so that they can ponder about them in their Album on the Nintendo Switch HOME menu.

We have the solutions and pointers on where to find them below, but, as always, please be warned that there are location spoilers – meaning that it’s best to complete the main story in Super Mario Odyssey before checking out what you may have missed.


Found With Cap Kingdom Art

After Bonneton has been restored, this Hint Art can be found near Sometimes Bridge. The somewhat obscure collection of rectangles seems unrecognisable at first, but the strongest hint is the black and blue pattern towards the top.

This is your clearest hint that it relates to the Moon Kingdom, and, after setting off on the Odyssey, once you land you should see NPC characters from each kingdom that have gathered to look down at the world in wonder.

The Hint Art shows that a Power Moon is hidden behind the Lochlady, who is second from the left. Ground Pound behind them, and it should pop up from the moon’s surface.


Found With Sand Kingdom Art

This Hint Art can be found on a building in Tostarena Town. For those that have visited every kingdom, it is one of the more obvious locations to find – seeing as the Hint Art clearly references the Crazy Cap shop in Bowser’s Kingdom. Travel to Bowser’s Kingdom and then warp to its location, at which point we need to work out what else it is referencing.

Indicating something that is six away from the Crazy Cap shop and three away from the Checkpoint Flag, the only thing that fits is the stone slabs in the ground nearby that act as a path. Work out which it refers to and Ground Pound the correct one to reward yourself with another Power Moon.


Found With Lake Kingdom Art

This Hint Art isn’t far from where the Odyssey lands, and can be easily argued isn’t really art but more of a spot the difference challenge. It clearly relates to the Cascade Kingdom, so, after flying back there, you will find the fossils that it refers to – which, if you hadn’t spotted is near the Hint Toad and Uncle amiibo.

Comparing the two photos, it won’t take you particularly long to realise that there is an extra fossil in one of them. Ground Pound where that is, and you will soon be rewarded with one more Power Moon.


Found With Wooded Kingdom Art

This Hint Art has been hammered onto a tree near where the Odyssey is parked. It is obvious that it’s a hint for the Sand Kingdom, but just where is the Sombrero-wearing Koopa Troopa that it wants you to search for?

It’s actually the one that loves Trace-Walking more than anything else in the world. And, once you’ve run to his location, the hint points out that you need to walk north until you reach some shrubs. The problem is, it’s quite a walk. You’ll need to walk a long way – swerving some pitfalls – to arrive at the northern edge of the Sand Kingdom. Once there, Ground Pound the spot near the bushes to receive a Power Moon. Exhausting.


Found With Metro Kingdom Art

Stood outside New Donk City Hall, this Hint Art can be found near the top of the triangular building across from you – which, if I remember correctly, is where you found a musician for Pauline’s band earlier on.

It shows Poochy burying a Power Moon, and, while unclear at first, this relates to the Lake Kingdom. It’s above where Bowser stole the Dress for Peach to wear at the wedding, which shouldn’t take you too long to pinpoint the Power Moon’s location.


Found With Snow Kingdom Art

Located near to where you enter Shiveria Town, this Hint Art shows Poochy burying yet another Power Moon next to a tree in the Lost Kingdom.

As one of the smaller kingdoms it shouldn’t take you long to stumble on the location, especially with the Tropical Wiggler thrown in as another hint. There aren’t many trees with roots to jump on like this, so, have a wander – or warp to the Crazy Cap shop to more easily spot where they are – to hunt it down for another Power Moon.


Found With Seaside Kingdom Art

Now, here’s a tricky one. Located on the beach, this Hint Art shows the word KEEP which will soon have you wracking your brain as to what it could possibly refer to. Well, it’s simpler than it appears.

It actually refers to a ‘KEEP CLEAR’ message that has been painted on the streets in the Metro Kingdom. Run around until you spot it – it’s actually near to where you zap down the electrical cable to explore the Metro Kingdom – and Ground Pound above and between the two E’s to receive a Power Moon.


Found With Luncheon Kingdom Art

This Hint Art can be found on Mount Volbono near where you use Hammer Bros. to smash cheese with frying pans, and, once again, shows the player that Poochy has been hiding another Power Moon. The coral patch will give away the location as the Seaside Kingdom, but, aside from that there are no real pointers – which is unhelpful, especially given how much water there is to swim around.

It’s hard to really provide any concrete pointers, but the coral patch lies in the northwest. Capturing a Cheep Cheep will make exploring to find it far easier, and, as before, a quick Ground Pound will soon see a Power Moon appear.


Found With Bowser’s Kingdom Art

The next Hint Art can be found near one of the many gates in Bowser’s Kingdom, and, more specifically, the one near the Main Courtyard. Poochy has mischievously buried another Power Moon, which, if the cactus didn’t give it away, is in the Sand Kingdom.

Set sail and fly over, and the cactus that you will want to set out for is on the western side of the region – near to where you can Capture the Moe-Eye that stand around next to the bubbling, poisonous lake. It won’t take you long to find on the western edge from there, and, a Ground Pound later, you will have another Power Moon to chuck into the Odyssey.


Found With Moon Kingdom Art

After Bowser has been defeated, the last Hint Art can be found in the Wedding Hall. Poochy’s back, this time burying a Power Moon in the Wooded Kingdom – the Timer Challenge scarecrow giving some indication as to where it is, as well as the leafy vines and red steel construction.

There are multiple scarecrows in the Wooded Kingdom, but the one that you’re searching for is nearest to the Iron Road: Entrance warp point. From here, you want to ignore the platforms moving up and down, and run around behind them where you will find the scarecrow as a reference point. Ground Pound in the corner and the Power Moon will pop up.


Found With Mushroom Kingdom Art

It seems somewhat apt that the last Hint Art will take you back to where your adventure began in the Cap Kingdom. The Hint Art can be found inside Peach’s Castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, where it is placed in plain sight.

It clearly shows Top-Hat Tower with the moon looming in the background, and this is actually a perspective puzzle – requiring players to line up the same shot to work out where to Ground Pound. This is on the bridge before you reach the town in Bonneton, and is buried right near the railing at the height of the first bump.


Found With Dark Side Art 1

Once you can travel to the Dark Side, more Hint Art puzzles await you. After beating the Broodals, 10 are crammed into the relatively small space. The first is another that sees Poochy bury a Power Moon, with the waterfalls in the background showing that it has been hidden in the Cascade Kingdom.

This is hidden on the large, round platform in the northwest, with Fossil Fall Heights being the closest warp point. It’s on the raised mound to the right of the four floating platforms that you can see. Ground Pound, and it’s yours.


Found With Dark Side Art 2

Hammered into a moon rock-shaped pumpkin on Dark Side, this Hint Art shows a heliport symbol. There’s only one place where that will be, the Metro Kingdom. So, fly over there first.

With so many tall buildings though, which could the symbol be on? Well if you have been leaping around the Metro Kingdom, that has been made slightly easier thanks to the fact that there is a Heliport warp point. If you haven’t found it yet, it’s the building east from New Donk City Hall.

Warp there, and then Ground Pound above the yellow stripes to uncover the Power Moon.


Found With Dark Side Art 3

This Hint Art can also be found on a pumpkin in Dark Side, and shows a grid-based puzzle. You should recognise it as the crosshair-shaped garden in the Mushroom Kingdom, which, matched up, sees the Power Moon hidden between two of the outer hedges. Ground Pound between the correct hedges on the east side and it will appear.


Found With Dark Side Art 4

Now, here’s a troublesome one. The Hint Art is on a ridge in Dark Side, and is one of the most puzzling to decipher.

After some hunting around, we found that it actually relates to the Cloud Kingdom – and, more specifically, the Nimbus Arena as shown in the map brochure. Researchers found that it had “markings that accurately showed the waxing and waning phases of the moon,” and the Hint Art matches up with them.

The Power Moon is on the raised platform on the western side, and will appear after you Ground Pound.


Found With Dark Side Art 5

This Hint Art is on a hidden ledge beneath where all the stone food is on Dark Side and shows a logo that you will have probably seen when exploring the Snow Kingdom.

It is used for the Bound Bowl Grand Prix and relates to the arch that appears before you can choose to enter races around the Snowline Circuit. If you can’t remember where that is, head into Shiveria Town, then down the slide in front of the giant screen. You’ll land in front of the arch, and, after you climb up it, Ground Pound above the logo to receive another Power Moon.


Found With Dark Side Art 6

Talkatoo, binoculars, parasols, and plinths. That’s enough of an indication to point you toward the Seaside Kingdom, so, firstly, set sail for there.

The arrows look to guide you to its location, but let’s save you some time. Once the Odyssey has landed, you will see the two pillars that you need to Ground Pound between to the east on the beach. Head over there, and it’s yours.


Found With Dark Side Art 7

Now, this Hint Art took us a while. C4 and a somewhat confusing image aren’t much to go on, but this was the first time that I realised that the map brochures use coordinates!

If you think that the shadow hints at the Lost Kingdom’s colours, then you’re right. Head there, take a look at your map, and match up where C4 is. It’s straight in front of you near the Hint Toad and Uncle amiibo, and the place that you will want to Ground Pound is on the edge – between where the island dips between two bumps.


Found With Dark Side Art 8

After the last Hint Art, this next one’s far easier. We can see that it is in the Luncheon Kingdom straight away, and on Peronza Plaza. That’s simple enough, but spotting the difference between the two snaps is far harder.

Give up? Well, there’s a Volbonan missing to the right of the stewing pot. Head there are Ground Pound next to the second tall pillar to receive another Power Moon.


Found With Dark Side Art 9

Another Hint Art, and pillars to look at… including some broken ones. This was a hard one to find, but it’s in the Lake Kingdom.

Head to the Water Plaza warp point, and the pillars that it references are directly in front of you. Dash in Talkatoo’s direction, and Ground Pound between the two pillars in the corner to get the Power Moon.


Found With Dark Side Art 10

I thought Poochy had buried this Power Moon in the Moon Kingdom at first, but it’s actually in another darkened kingdom. The Ruined Kingdom.

Set sail on the Odyssey to get there, and, once you have landed, it’s actually quite close by. Before you reach the first dagger that you can pull from the ground, it’s to the right in that area. It’s hard to really describe in more detail, so use the screenshot (below) that we took for some guidance if you need it.


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