Super Mario Maker Version 1.40 Now Available


Nintendo has pushed live their latest free software update for Super Mario Maker, seeing the Wii U exclusive now on Version 1.40.

That adds items, modes and features, such as the Key item that was first seen in Super Mario World on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. When collected, it will unlock the new Key Door item that will open paths to new parts of the course. Each can be accessed by shaking the P Switch and Door items respectively, and the Key can be attached to enemies that will require players to defeat them to move forward.

Shaking a coin in course creation will change it into a Pink Coin, which, once these have all been collected, will reward players with a Key. Whereas a Spike Pillar obstacle has been added, which also first appeared in Super Mario World, and can be accessed by shaking the Thwomp item.

Lastly, a new Super Expert difficulty has been added to the 100 Mario Challenge. This more challenging mode will reward players with five new Mystery Mushroom costumes, with three more unlocked if you complete on Normal and four on Expert.

Version 1.40 Patch Notes

  • Added new course elements such as Skewer and Key
  • Added Super Expert difficulty to 100 Mario Challenge mode, unlockable by clearing Expert difficulty
  • Added ranking lists for players with the most World Record clears and First clears of courses to the Super Mario Maker Bookmark website
  • A number of issues have also been fixed to make for a pleasant gaming experience

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