Super Mario Maker For Nintendo 3DS Version 1.02 Now Available

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Nintendo has released a new software update for Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, which brings the portable course creator to version 1.02.

This update will be required for players to be able to access the Recommended Courses and 100 Mario Challenge elements in Course World, as well as correcting undisclosed “issues” to improve the overall gameplay experience.

We enjoyed the Nintendo 3DS exclusive, concluding in our review: “Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS continues to delight with wacky and unexpected creations. It falters in not looking to foster an online community of its own but remains the perfect construction kit to live out your Mushroom Kingdom dreams.”

Changes Made In Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS Update Version 1.02

  • The two network features of Course World, “Recommended Courses” and “100 Mario Challenge”, are now supported.
  • Fixed various issues leading to improved overall gameplay experience.
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