Super Mario Maker Constructs Nintendo 3DS Release


With more than 6.2 million courses available to play in the Wii U version, Nintendo has announced that Super Mario Maker will come to Nintendo 3DS.

The news came within today’s Nintendo Direct, which had “focused exclusively on upcoming Nintendo 3DS games.”

Players can also create courses with “nearly all of the tools available in the original Wii U version,” which can be shared in Local Play and over StreetPass on Nintendo 3DS. Uploading them online won’t be supported, but you will be able to download and play select courses from the Wii U version.

That chance to share level designs locally opens the chance to collaborate with other players, while the game includes 100 Nintendo-designed courses with new challenges, such as collecting every coin or defeating all enemies.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS will release in Europe and North America on December 2nd.

We enjoyed Super Mario Maker’s Wii U version, concluding in our review: “Super Mario Maker delights in the unexpected, Nintendo’s desire to surprise now being passed on to aspiring creators who are left alone to unleash their own creativity on the Mushroom Kingdom. It’s another success for the Wii U GamePad, and with an expansive and yet intuitive toolset I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what creations emerge over the coming months and years.”

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