Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Plans Include 3D Remasters And New Paper Mario Game

Super Mario Galaxy Wallpaper

It is approaching 35 years since the original Super Mario Bros. game was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and, with that, it has been reported that Nintendo will be celebrating the moustachioed icon’s anniversary in a big way.

Video Games Chronicle reports that the company has plans “to re-release most of Super Mario’s 35-year back catalogue this year,” but now remastered for Nintendo Switch.

This would have been revealed at a Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary event to coincide with E3 2020 in June, but, given the COVID-19 pandemic that has now impacted the world, the event has been cancelled. 

The report has since been corroborated by Eurogamer, who added that the remastered games will include Super Mario Galaxy, before Gematsu weighed in to add Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine to the list of what fans should expect.

VentureBeat  then backed up the report, adding that the remasters could be seen as a Super Mario All-Stars compilation for the plumber’s 3D adventures.

They added that it will include Super Mario Galaxy 2, and that the new Paper Mario game rumoured to be in development “represents a return to that franchise’s roots,” meaning that it is “something closer to the Nintendo 64 and GameCube games.”

If that wasn’t enough to look forward to, then Super Mario 3D World Deluxe is also in development. It’s reported that this “will include an array of new levels,” compared with the original Wii U release.

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