Super Dodgeball Beats Coming To Nintendo Switch On September 12th

Super Dodgeball Beats Key Art

PlayStack and Final Boss Games have confirmed a new release date for Super Dodgeball Beats on Nintendo Switch.

The developer has taken inspiration from Elite Beat Agents, Rhythm Paradise, and Taiko no Tatsujin to create this competitive music-rhythm game.

Super Dodgeball Beats will tell the story of three failing schoolkids who live in a world where dodgeball hysteria has hit its peak and taken over the world as a mainstream sport.

After deciding to form their own team, and end up winning their first tournament – much to their surprise. Now National Major League champions, they must defeat blood-thirsty vampires, electric-infused pensioners, and mutated aliens to win the title and fulfill their dreams.

With a unique manga art style and 18 tracks that have looked to pay homage to the game’s Japanese inspiration, you must find your beat in the game’s single-player story mode and local multiplayer.

That will see you engage in an energy tug of war with the opposing team, required to perform correctly-timed moves while using power-ups and super moves such as grenades and donuts.

Super Dodgeball Beats will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 12th priced at £11.99 (€13.50 / $12.99).

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