Super Bomberman R Update Version 1.2 Now Available


Konami has worked hard to address latency issues when playing online battles in Super Bomberman R, a problem that has been widely reported since launch.

That saw the developer identify that players were “experiencing control lag issues,” and prioritised adjusting control response times to improve the situation in both online and offline modes.

The first step toward addressing the issue has now been pushed live, with update version 1.2 having become available to players worldwide.

“We are happy to announce a significant upgrade for Super Bomberman R available on Nintendo Switch,” Konami had shared. “These improvements should greatly refine the gameplay, control input and character controls, for both online and offline play. This is the first of many upcoming updates that will focus on improving the Super Bomberman R play experience. We appreciate your patience and your continued support.”

The Nintendo Switch exclusive was able to celebrate the best opening week for the Bomberman series in Japan for nearly 20 years, with Media Create reporting that it sold 39,609 copies over the launch weekend. The closest game in the series to match that was Bomberman Land on PlayStation, which shifted 32,595 in the same respective period.

Changes Made In Super Bomberman R Update Version 1.2

You can now select the Room Type when you create a room to host an Online Free Battle.
By choosing “Room Number”, only players who know the room number can join.

Adjustments have been made to improve the controls.

  • Adjustments have been made to reduce the input latency.
  • Controls are now more precise to reduce the unintentional direction changes.
  • Character speed has been adjusted so players can make quicker and more agile moves
  • The characters are now behaving more naturally when in front of a pillar or a block.
  • Making a turn while running along a block or a pillar is now easier.
  • A kicked bomb can be stopped more precisely.

Control parameters have been improved in order to reduce the lag when playing online.

  • Fixed a bug that made the game ignore some button inputs when packet loss occurs.
  • The lag felt when planting a bomb has been reduced
  • Sudden direction changes are easier to make.
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