Stephen Fry Narrates Epic Pokémon GO Nature Documentary-Inspired Short

Wailord Pokémon GO Nature Documentary Screenshot

The Pokémon Company and Niantic have released a nature-inspired short to celebrate the Pokémon that were first discovered in the Hoenn region that are now appearing in Pokémon GO.

Taking cues from world-renowned nature documentaries, Stephen Fry expertly narrates as a number of Pokémon are seen in their real-world natural habitats.

That sees cute cheerleader pair Plusle and Minun appear in a forest with Mawile and Masquerain. Whereas in the oceans, a huge underwater Wailord makes a big splash and a Sharpedo soon passes by a school of Luvdisc.

We also can see the amphibious Mudkip playing in a pool, cold-loving Snorunt wandering on a chilly mountain, and a cityscape where the elegant Delcatty is keeping warm.

The video’s exceptional production values are complemented with an original symphonic score by nature documentary composer George Fenton.

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