SteamWorld Telegraph To Return As A “Community-Focused Show”

Thunderful Brjánn Sigurgeirsson Photo

Thunderful has confirmed that SteamWorld Telegraph will make a return as a regular community-focused show “later this year.”

It will be presented by SteamWorld universe and franchise director Brjánn Sigurgeirsson, who is collaborating with every Thunderful studio that is developing SteamWorld games to ensure “quality and consistency” as the series expands in the years ahead.

The show will deliver “more news on all things SteamWorld,” as well as developer interviews, lore discussions, SteamWorld game playthroughs and more.

“As our roster of studios increases in size, we, of course, have a lot of people wanting to bring their own ideas to the SteamWorld universe for their next project,” Sigurgeirsson explains. “So, as the series expands into new and exciting directions, I will be working with all of our development studios to ensure that the tone, the lore and the gameplay of all our SteamWorld games stay true to the series’ roots.

“Of course, [SteamWorld] Build is one of those directions, but we also have more SteamWorld games in development than ever before. Including Build, we’re now working on four separate SteamWorld titles. Back in the day, when we were a small team, we had to make a SteamWorld game, have a break, then figure out what we wanted to do next, and so on and so on. Now, as Thunderful, we have multiple studios and it means we can do a lot more SteamWorld things at once.

He continued: “For SteamWorld fans around the world, Steamworld Telegraph will be the new one-stop shop to get all the latest information on the series. Starting a little later this year, we will be introducing SteamWorld Telegraph as a smaller-scale community-focused show which I will host. We’ll be able to do deep dives into specific SteamWorld news stories or announcements, discuss the lore of our world, play past and present SteamWorld games, and we’ll interview developers and other guests.”

SteamWorld Build will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide “later in 2023.”

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