Starlink: Battle For Atlas Ubisoft Club Challenges Reward Your Exploration

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas has now launched worldwide, and, while Nintendo Switch may not have an achievement or trophy system, there are in-game Classic Challenges that you can complete on Ubisoft Club.

Whether playing the game for the first time, making contact with the inhabitants of Atlas or toppling the Forgotten Legion’s forces, you will be rewarded with Club XP, Units and Badges for your efforts.

Club XP simply lets you level up your profile to complete on the Ubisoft Club’s Leaderboard and Badges can be pinned to your profile, but Units can be used to unlock exclusive Rewards for the game or to discount your next Ubisoft Store purchase.

Welcome (Badge)
Play Starlink: Battle for Atlas

First Contact (50 XP 10 Units)
Make contact with the inhabitants of Atlas

Eye of the Storm (100 XP 10 Units)
Defeat a Legion Extractor

Self Improvement (100 XP 10 Units)
Equip your first Pilot Skill

Dark Zone (100 XP 20 Units)
Defeat 5 Outlaw Leaders in space

Dread Nothing (300 XP 40 Units)
Defeat 4 Legion Dreadnoughts

Curious (200 XP 20 Units)
Upgrade an Expedition Outpost to max level

Industrious (200 XP 20 Units)
Upgrade a Prospector Outpost to max level

Adept (100 XP 20 Units)
Train a pilot to level 5

We Have Liftoff (100 XP)
Enter space from a planet for the first time

The Bigger They Are (300 XP)
Destroy A Prime

Jailbreak (300 XP)
Destroy a Dreadnought

Boldly Go (300 XP)
Extend Starlink’s range to bring the fight to Grax

Savior of Atlas (300 XP)
Defeat Grax

Space Police (100 XP)
Neutralize 5 Outlaw Hideouts in space

Upcycling (200 XP)
Use Fusion to craft a higher-level mod

Legendary Modder (100 XP)
Acquire a Legendary Mod

Power (50 XP)
Find the Supremacy of Ogon

Harmony (50 XP)
Find the Enchantment of Raba

Fate (50 XP)
Find the Fortune of Urumu

Eternity (50 XP)
Find the Dominion of Nox

Knowledge (50 XP)
Find the Wisdom of Khor’al

Energy (50 XP)
Find the Essence of Raitha

Protection (50 XP)
Find the Vigor of Phytus

Treasure Hunter (50 XP)
Find all 7 Warden Relics

Decked Out (200 XP)
Fill your ship with Epic or Legendary Mods

The Sand (50 XP)
Discover a desert world

The Jungle (50 XP)
Discover a verdant world

The Song (50 XP)
Discover a sonorous world

The Memory (50 XP)
Discover a somber world

The Plague (50 XP)
Discover an infected world

The Fire (50 XP)
Discover a scorching world

The Glacier (50 XP)
Discover an icy world

Cartographer (100 XP)
Map every part of a Planet

Taxonomist (100 XP)
Catalog every creature, robot, and ship in your Database

Dolittle (100 XP)
Discover every animal species in Atlas

Gulliver (50 XP)
Discover every Giant

Odysseus (50 XP)
Discover every Cyclops

Impish (50 XP)
Discover every Imp

Legionnaire (100 XP)
Discover every Legion Archetype

Elementalist (200 XP)
Perform every Elemental Combo

Science! (100 XP)
Build your first Expedition workshop

Strength in Unity (200 XP)
Ally with all 5 Outpost types

Prosperity (200 XP)
Gain 100% alliance on a planet

Diplomatic Network (200 XP)
Get at least 25% alliance on every planet

Ship Mastery (200 XP)
Earn 3 skill points from mastering ships

Weapon Mastery (200 XP)
Earn 6 pilot Skill Points from mastering weapons

Team Builder (50 XP)
Recruit 3 pilots into your collection

Fleet Commander (50 XP)
Collect 3 Ships

Weapons Specialist (50 XP)
Arm your fleet with 6 weapons

Home Sweet Home (200 XP)
Build 8 Equinox Upgrades

Treasure Hunter (Badge)
Find all 7 Warden Relics

Taxonomist (Badge)
Catalog every creature, robot, and ship in your Database

Elementalist (Badge)
Perform every Elemental Combo

Team Builder (Badge)
Recruit 3 pilots into your collection

Fleet Commander (Badge)
Collect 3 Ships

Weapons Specialist (Badge)
Arm your fleet with 6 weapons

Completionist (Badge)
Complete all Classic Challenges offering Club Units in Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Show me the money! (Badge)
Obtain all Club Rewards in Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

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