Stardew Valley Now Waits On Approval For Nintendo Switch Release


After extensive testing, Chucklefish has confirmed that Stardew Valley has been submitted to Nintendo’s lot check process as the farming simulator nears release.

That will see the company now check that the game complies with their guidelines before it is approved for release on the Nintendo eShop, at which point Chucklefish can choose to lock in a release date. However, if any bugs or issues are uncovered in the process, these will need to be addressed before it is resubmitted.

With hand-me-down tools and little money to your name, the Stardew Valley challenges players to live off the land and turn overgrown fields into the thriving business that it once was. After looking to target the Nintendo Switch launch window, developer ConcernedApe altered course to say that they were “planning on bringing it to the platform later this year.”

Stardew Valley will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2017.

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