Star Ocean: The Second Story R Opening Movie Revealed

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Anime Screenshot

Square Enix has revealed the anime opening movie for Star Ocean: The Second Story R, which will be released on Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

Yostar Pictures and Albacrow were responsible for the opening movie’s animation and creative production, with original character designer Yukihiro Kajimoto, producer Takahisa Ishida, color planner Kondo Naoto and creative, art director and chief animator Nakashima Masaoki also credited.

After Federation officer Claude discovers that he has been transported to an undeveloped planet. While searching for a way home he encounters a girl called Rena and is drawn into a quest to save her people as an ancient prophecy had once foretold.

You can choose to start your adventure as either Claude or Rena, with the perspectives and the allies you recruit changing based on your choice. You will be able to get to know your party members through the Private Actions System, allowing you to grow relationships and lead you to unlock different endings.

Originally released for the PlayStation in Japan way back in 1998, the RPG has been treated to a 2.5D remake that combines 3D environments with nostalgic 2D pixel characters to deliver “both a classic RPG and modern gameplay experience.”

With all-new character illustrations by series veteran Yukihiro Kajimoto and a rearranged soundtrack by original composer Motoi Sakuraba, you can expect the original game’s memorable features to be combined with new gameplay features such as “fast-paced, real-time combat and battle mechanics to strategically defeat foes, customisable party progression with an array of skills, including Cooking, Art, Metalcraft, and more.”

There are three new difficulty modes that have been introduced: Earth which provides a standard experience; Galaxy for those looking for a more satisfying challenge; and Universe for seasoned players looking to put their skills to the ultimate test.

The remake will launch with Japanese and English text and voiceover language support – with voiceovers performed by members of the original cast – with subtitle support for French, Italian, German and Spanish to be made available in a software update at launch.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features, which include:

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction collide in a unique visual style: From dangerous dungeons to bustling towns, the world of Star Ocean The Second Story R is depicted in a stunning 2.5D style that combines beautiful 3D graphics with nostalgic 2D pixel characters.
  • Experience a story with dual protagonists: Start your journey with either Claude or Rena. Depending on your choice, the perspectives and the allies you can recruit will change. Get to know party members via the unique Private Actions system, grow relationships and unlock various endings. New character illustrations have also been created by long-term series artist Yukihiro Kajimoto.
  • Thrilling, visually explosive battles: Enjoy fast-paced combat and use new mechanics to strategically defeat foes. “Break” by continuously dealing damage and order your allies to follow-up with an Assault Action to deal massive damage.
  • Pair powerful gear with a plethora of skills: Customize party progression with a large selection of skills, including Cooking, Art, Metalcraft, and many more. Build up to Specialty levels and master the enhanced Item Creation system to craft ultimate equipment with different effects.
  • Japanese and English voiceover: All event scenes are now fully voiced using the same voice cast from the original game. In addition, the dialogue from Star Ocean Second Evolution (2008) is also included and can be selected.
  • An iconic soundtrack rearranged by Motoi Sakuraba: All tracks have been re-composed, including full-band performance and strings sound. Exploration and movie scenes themes also have new recordings that take them to even greater heights.
  • Three difficulty modes: Pick EARTH for a relaxing journey, GALAXY for a satisfying challenge or UNIVERSE… if you’re brave enough to really put your skills to the test.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R will be released at retail and digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 2 November 2023.

Those who pre-order either the physical or digital editions will receive the following digital content as a pre-order bonus: Pangalactic Federation Longsword, Forest Knuckles, Sunrise Ring and Set of recovery items (Mixed Berries x20 + Resurrection Potion x20).

Star Ocean: The Second Story R Anime Opening Movie

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