Star Fox Zero Credits Pay Tribute To Satoru Iwata


Nintendo has paid tribute to late president Satoru Iwata within the closing credits sequence in Star Fox Zero.

“This game is dedicated to our wingman who fell in battle,” the heartfelt message reads, with the Wii U exclusive seeing both Satoru Iwata and Tatsumi Kimishima credited as executive producers.

As Nintendo NX’s eventual reveal nears, we will continue to see projects that Iwata-san had a hand in helping to nurture at Nintendo before his untimely passing.

That was more eloquently touched on by Genyo Takeda, who had shared in his eulogy: “Please know, however, that the seeds you have planted, and the plants that have sprouted will put forth small flowers as they bring smiles to the faces of people around the world, blossom into a grand flower bigger than even you, our leader, Iwata-san.”

Star Fox Zero will launch exclusively for Wii U in Japan on April 21st, and worldwide on April 22nd.


[Thanks Reddit]
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