Star Fox Soars Into Starlink: Battle For Atlas On Nintendo Switch

Star Fox Starlink: Battle For Atlas Screenshot

In a surprise reveal, Ubisoft has announced that Star Fox will have crossover content in Starlink: Battle for Atlas, and exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version.

The Fox McCloud and Arwing figure will come in the Starlink: Battle For Atlas Starter Pack, and will let you play as the ace pilot and Star Fox leader in Ubisoft’s take on the toys-to-life genre.

“We are excited to give players a deeper look at Starlink: Battle for Atlas, the first all-new property from Ubisoft Toronto,” explains Ubisoft Toronto creative director, Laurent Malville.

“Starlink is a project born from the passion of our collective team, and the opportunity to work directly with Nintendo to bring Star Fox to our universe is a dream come true. We believe the Atlas open star system is a perfect playground for Fox to explore and hope players will too.”

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will see players join a group of heroic interstellar pilots that are dedicated to freeing the Atlas star system from the Forgotten Legion.

To take on the evil robotic force, players can fully customise their starship. Mixing and matching pilots, hulls, wings and weapons is a key part of the experience, letting players assemble their ideal starship with an unprecedented level of customisation and creativity.

There are seven unique planets to explore, as well as the wide open space that surrounds them. Each planet will have its own identity, ecosystem and wildlife, and players can fly directly from the planet into space where they will soon encounter enemy ships.

The worlds will evolve in response to your actions and choices, with enemies reacting and fighting back to take over the star system if you do nothing to stop them.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide on October 16th.

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