Star Fox 64 3D features 3DS, N64 and Battle modes

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Nintendo today held a retailer briefing for its upcoming titles, following which an attendee from the Tsutaya retailer in Shibuya has provided a few new details regarding Star Fox 64 3D.

The title had been playable at the event, and the attendee shared plenty of information in regards to what he learnt. It’s set to feature three modes: 3DS, N64 and Battle. Within 3DS mode the player is able to employ the use of the in-built gyro sensor to steer your ship, whereas N64 mode, we presume, won’t utilise this and will rely on use of the Circle Pad.

Battle mode supports four players, although the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection isn’t supported so online play won’t be available – which is an enormous shame! It does, however, provide Download Play allowing you to play locally against those that don’t own the title themselves. In multiplayer, players can also take a snapshot of your face which will be visible above their ship – allowing friends to recognise who is who more easily during play.

Star Fox 64 3D is due for release across Japan for Nintendo 3DS on July 14.

[Thanks, Andriasang]

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