Splatoon’s Free Content To End In January 2016


Since Splatoon‘s launch in May, the Wii U exclusive has been treated to a stream of content that has steadily introduced new weapons, maps and gameplay tweaks.

Nintendo has signalled that part of that support will come to an end next month, with the free content coming to a close in January 2016. There will still be bug fixes and balance changes as necessary, but the team will move on to other projects.

“As we mentioned earlier, the free content for the game will continue to release until January 2016 and we don’t have plans to release paid DLC after that,” producer Hisashi Nogami explained in an interview with Game Informer.

Following that co-director Yusuke Amano added, “Considering the content that has been added after release, rather than thinking about it as free or paid add-on content, I really think of it as content that extends the ways in which you can play Splatoon. And this isn’t something that we just wanted to keep giving to people for them to consume, so that they keep churning through the content.

“Rather, we knew that as players would play what was available – for example, getting used to a certain weapon – at that moment, they would get new weapons and maps, and have to go back to that idea of ‘OK, how am I going to figure out how to use this weapon? How am I going to develop strategy for this map?'”

Nogami continue, “While games definitely are a collection of content, they’re also a playground of sorts. As we continue to release content and update Splatoon, we’re adding to and continuing to design that playground for people to enjoy. This is just sort of my personal take on the topic. And the Splatoon community has really developed further than we had originally envisioned, and we want to make sure we continue support for creating this playground for the players.”

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