Splatoon adds new Carbon Roller Deco weapon


Nintendo continue to support Splatoon with a steady stream of content, having now added a new Carbon Roller Deco weapon.

This jazzier version of the standard Carbon Roller equips Inklings with Seekers as sub and special weapons, allowing you to send them out either individually or as a monstrous swarm.

“Have you ever looked at your Carbon Roller and through to yourself, ‘Hey, I wish this looked jazzier!’?” the Squid Research Lab asks.

“Well your prayers are about to be answered when the Carbon Roller Deco goes on sale tonight! The Carbon Roller Deco comes with not one, but TWO ways to use Seekers – as a sub, or as a special that unleashes a whole swarm of ’em.”

Splatoon is now available exclusively for Wii U worldwide.

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