Splatoon 2 Octoling amiibo Unlock Enchanted, Steel And Fresh Fish Gear

Splatoon Octoling amiibo Pack Shot

Nintendo has revealed that the Splatoon 2 Octoling amiibo will unlock stylish new gear for your Inkling or Octoling to wear in the ink-based shooter.

Scanning the Octoling girl amiibo will reward you with the spellbinding and wizardly look of the Enchanted gear, while the Octoling Boy amiibo will unlock the sturdy and impenetrable Steel gear.

Whereas, with the Octopus amiibo, you will receive the Fresh Fish gear that has been based on a popular character in Inkopolis – although the balloons shown in the video aren’t included, sadly.

The Octoling Boy, Octoling Girl and Octoling Octopus amiibo three-pack will release in Europe on November 9th, and in North America on December 7th.

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