Splatoon 2 Adds New Albacore Hotel Stage And Four New Weapons

Splatoon 2 New Albacore Hotel Screenshot

Nintendo has added a new Albacore Hotel stage and four new weapons to Splatoon 2 that you can choose to buy and ink your turf with.

The new, spacious stage takes place on a luxury hotel’s rooftop, complete with a large swimming pool – although water is obviously terrifying to Inklings and Octolings.

The four weapons are the Splatoon 2 Bamboozler 14 Mk II, Explosher, Ballpoint Splatling and Tenta Sorella Brella, which are all now available to buy from Sheldon at Ammo Knights. We’ll let him nerd out over them and explain their loadouts and benefits:

Splatoon 2 Bamboozler 14 Mk II Screenshot

Bamboozler 14 Mk II

“The Bamboozler 14 Mk II brings back all the function of the original but with a cool new decal the squidkids are sure to love! Like the other ‘boozler, it can’t store charged shots, but Toxic Mist will let you slow down foes and pick them off! The Burst-Bomb Launcher special let’s you ink a big swath of turf in one go, which is great for keeping opponents in their place. This set does the legendary squad leader proud if you ask me. Get out there and relive the memory of the Great Turf Wars of old!”

Splatoon 2 Explosher Screenshot


“This Explosher main is a reporpoised industrial heater modified to fling piping-hot ink long distances! Its shots explode on contact with walls and the ground, so it’s handy for hitting foes who like to hide! The Sprinkler sub is a great way to expand your turf-inking power while making it easier for allies to move! Pile on the pressure with the Bubble Blower by cutting off their escape route and taking them out! Using the sub and special weapons with help from your team makes this a really aggressive set!”

Splatoon 2 Ballpoint Splatling Screenshot

Ballpoint Splatling

“The Ballpoint Splatling is a splatling cannon with two different firing ranges! It spins super fast when you start shooting, letting you ink turf like crazy and splat foes in a flash! Once the spin slows down a bit, you can target far-off opponents with pinpoint accuracy! But that’s not all it does, oh no… Unlike other splatlings, you can stop firing at any time to recharge! Plus, it comes with a Toxic Mist sub and an Inkjet special for maximum splattitude!”

Splatoon 2 Tenta Sorella Brella Screenshot

Tenta Sorella Brella

“The Tenta Sorella Brella set is similar to the Tenta Brella set, but it has a modified design and a different sub and special. With the Splash Wall, you can double down on the defensive nature of the brella! And with your defenses in place, you can use the Curling-Bomb Launcher special to shift to offense! Whether you’re focused on attacking or defending, this setup should suit your style.

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