Spell-Casting Action RPG Ritual: Sorcerer Angel Out On Nintendo Switch This Week

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel Logo

Hexage have revealed that their spell-casting action RPG Ritual: Sorcerer Angel will release on Nintendo Switch this week.

You are a ‘Sorcerer Angel’ who, after a failed attempt was made to sacrifice you, now set out for revenge. Hunting them down, you set out to kill their foul God and purge the world.

With the chance to equip your sorcerer with powerful combinations of spells and skills, you must blaze your way through hordes of monsters, shadows, demons, and cultists to succeed in your quest.

Once achieved, you can then enjoy New Game Plus mode where repeatable levels and “trillions of possible builds” will present you with what the developer promises as “endless replayability.”

Ritual: Sorcerer Angel will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on September 12th priced at £8.99 ($9.99).

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